The Complete Bradford Program includes
24 Wednesdays Thursdays of The Bradford Program plus
24 days of the Friday Fairfield Program.

13SCS CC Pine tree
Long-Needle Pine

The Fairfield Program includes the following Topics:

Composer (IA/II), Spanish, Natural History, English History (II/III),
Printing & Brush Draw with Nature Study (IA), Bible (IA/II),
American History Discussion (II), Number (IA), Arithmetic (II/III),
Lab Science Presentation (III), Reading, Shakespeare, French (IA), Geography (III).

“Feast Week” Topics for The Fairfield Program
Bible, Habits, Swedish Drill, Picture Study (II/III), Shakespeare (II), Folksongs (IA),
English History (IA), Nature Study, Dancing (IA), Composer (II/III),
Biography (II), Drawing (II), Plutarch (III), Spanish (III).

The Bradford Program* includes the following Topics:

American History, French History (II/III), Bible, French, Picture Study, Sol-Fa,
Swedish Drill (IA), Latin, Reading, World History (II/III), Geography, Number (IA), Arithmetic (II/III), Euclid (III), Composition (II/III), Grammar (II/III),
Writing, Hymns (IA/II), Writing & Brush Draw (IA), Drawing (IA),
Dictation (II/III), World History (II/III),
German (II/III), Italian (III), Botany (III), Geology (III), Lab Science.

“Feast Week” Topics for The Bradford Program
Bible, Habits, Swedish Drill, Picture Study (II/III), Shakespeare, Literature,
Biography (III), American History (II/III),  Hymns (II/III),
Composition (III), Folksongs (II/III), Grammar (II/III), Spanish (II/III),
Plutarch’s Lives (II).

*The Bradford Program, three-day complete program, also includes all of the
Topics in The Fairfield Program listed above. The Bradford Program, as a two-day option without The Fairfield Program, only includes the Topics in The Bradford Program.

“Feast Week” is the First Week of every Term where the schedule is a little different.

**Some selections are subject to change without notice to an equally challenging selection based upon availability, time constraints, student abilities, cost, and the decision of the Founders Committee.