The Morning Program for 2018


Before the regular school day starts, we have a Morning Program opportunity for students. In 2017, our Morning Program included the Foreign Languages. In 2018, we have included the Foreign Languages in our main programs and selected different Topics for The Morning Program to allow students to dig a little deeper in certain areas. Those Topics are listed below:

Form III

Wednesdays are “Middle School Lab Science Experiments”
Thursdays are “Arithmetic Seminar: Decimals and Pre-Algebra”
Fridays are “Greek & Roman Lives”

Form II

Wednesdays are “Advanced Handicrafts”
Thursdays are “Advanced Composition”
Fridays are “Advanced Nature Study”

Form IA

Wednesdays and Thursdays are “Advanced Handicrafts”
Fridays are “Advanced Nature Study”


*Some selections are subject to change without notice to an equally challenging selection based upon availability, time constraints, student abilities, cost, and the decision of the Founders Committee.