Bradford Selections


for the 2017-18 School Year

American History

Form II will cover the Twentieth Century, including World War I & World War II. In addition and optionally, they may read George Washington’s World and This Country of Ours, selected chapters, if they have not already. (Sergeant York and the Great War for Summer Term.)

Form IA is A First Book in American History, Eggleston and Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans.

Form IB will focus on the Twentieth Century and inventions from that time.


Form II is Abigail AdamsPoor Richard, and Galileo & the Magic Numbers
Form IA is Benjamin FranklinGeorge WashingtonBuffalo Bill, Columbus, Pocahontas, and Lief the Lucky.


Form II is Visits to the Middle East and Minn of the Mississippi 
Form IA is Visits to North America and Seabird
Form IB is local map-making and Paddle to the Sea


Candor & Alertness to Seize Opportunities, Summer
Attention, Obedience & Truthfulness, Orientation
Usefulness & Sweet, Even Temper, Fall
Generosity & Gentleness, Winter
Observation & Reflection, Spring


Form II are Robinson Crusoe and Kidnapped 
(The Winged Watchman
for Summer Term)
Form IA are Blue Fairy Book and Just So Stories as well as
selections like the following:

The Velveteen Rabbit
St. George and the Dragon

The King of the Golden River
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Charlotte’s Web 

Form IB are Winnie-the-Pooh and Beatrix Potter Tales as well as
selections like the following:

Blueberries for Sal
The Ox-Cart Man
Stone Soup
Miss Rumpius
Make Way for Ducklings
Katrina Catherina and the Box
The Story About Ping


Form II is Tennyson, Dickinson, Wordsworth
Form IA is Stevenson, Rossetti
Form IB is Read Me A Poem, A Child’s Garden of Verses, Poems & Prayers for the Very Young

Other Languages

Form IB is American Sign Language with Signing Time.

Form IB students receive handouts with the signs to practice at home. Signing Time curriculum is seen in class. Several additional copies of Signing Time will be in the Parents’ Library, if needed.

Copywork, Handwriting, and Printing

Form II Copywork will be provided by Handout.
Form IA Copywork is Copybook II in class and A Reason for Handwriting for at-home lessons.
Form IB is A Reason for Handwriting A (K5) and Delightful Handwriting (K4).

Phonics, Letters, and Reading 

Form IB is First Start Reading (K5) or My Father’s World’s Kindergarten Reading (K4)

All Bradford students will read the Reader series by Free & Treadwell. Form IB students will be placed by parents in the K4 or K5 reading programs.


Form II is Grammar-Land and Simply Grammar 
Form IA receives basic Grammar instruction and word usage exercises in the Language book, along with beginning composition exercises.
Form IB receives early punctuation and word usage guidance in context.

Trial and Triumph (Christian Studies)

Form IA and Form II will study early Church heroes, martyrs, and leaders with Trial and Triumph, Hannula.

Swedish Drill will be practiced right before Tea Time using commands and guidance from The Swedish Drill Teacher. Sol-Fa will begin with basic note lessons and slowly progress to hand-shape associations. We will end the year with the goal of performing one song very well. Table Manners and Group Social Manners will be taught at Tea Time, as always. Students will practice their Service Skills by serving each other, as always. We ended the year by perfecting the “cleaning up after each other” portion of Service Skills, so we will begin there as well. Our Hymn selections will be similar to prior years.

*Some selections are subject to change without notice to an equally challenging selection based upon availability, time constraints, student abilities, cost, and the decision of the Founders Committee.