What can my children do over the summer to prepare for their transition to a Charlotte Mason style education?”

Good question!

13SCS CC this is the butterfly!

Go outside. Slow down and really look at a few things for a long time instead of whizzing by the nature around you. It is amazing what you will notice when you stop moving.

Get a pad of drawing paper and a set of colored pencils. Sketch things. In your house. Better yet, outside! Try to include as many details about the object as possible.

Buy three books. Read them. Better yet, take them outside and read them there!

Practice sitting in a chair. First for one minute, then two, then five and work your way up to 20 minutes. Mind you, we mean sitting the proper way with your fanny on the seat and your feet down on the floor. It’s harder than it sounds. You know what? This is something else you can do outside!

Now, if you have enjoyed these things, invite your children to do them as well!