The Marlin system was developed as a way to off-set the cost of school fees by volunteering to Present on certain days at the school.

A Bradford Presenter-Volunteer earns 3,600 Marlins to apply to fees, if the Presenter-Volunteer is present for all class days scheduled for The Bradford Program.

A Fairfield Presenter-Volunteer earns 2,160 Marlins to apply to fees, if the Presenter-Volunteer is present for all class days schedule for The Fairfield Program.

Presenter-Volunteer training is available if the Presenter is new to the Charlotte Mason Method.

Qualifications for ideal Presenter-Volunteers seem basic, but we have found these qualities make the BEST Presenters:

Lovers of Books
Inflective Readers
Lovers of Books
Born-Again Believers
Lovers of Books

If people you love tell you that you possess these characteristics some or most of the time, we would love to talk to you about Presenter-Volunteer positions at the school.

What is a Presenter-Volunteer?

Modern, contemporary classes are led by Teachers. A Teacher is a person who learns a great deal about a subject in preparation for a class and then imparts that wisdom to the children as the Knower of That Which Is Important. The goal of the Teacher is to have the children contain the Important Things the Teacher has learned in his child-sized head after the child listens to the Teacher lecture on them.

A Presenter is a person, a fellow Child-of-God, but an adult in authority, who presents a Feast of Ideas to the child as a fellow journeyman on the exciting road of learning and discovery. It is the child’s responsibility to take in this information, process it through his or her unique mind and unique experiences, then accept this idea as true or valuable OR reject this idea as false or unimportant.

If the idea is accepted by the child’s mind, a relationship is formed with the idea. Once the relationship exists, it becomes permanent. A permanent “knowing.” Once the idea passes through the lens of a child’s own unique experiences and his knowledge of God, Men, and the Universe, he expresses the idea, oral or written, in a manner called Narration.

This essay-paraphrase expression, Narration, is the “secret weapon” of a Charlotte Mason education. The idea passes from a temporary memory to a permanent storage in the brain, able to be recalled by the child at any moment in the future he wishes to entertain it.

In the former example, the Teacher has done the hard work; therefore, the Teacher possesses the Knowledge. In the latter example, the child has done the hard work; therefore, the child possesses the Knowledge.

Knowledge that is valuable for its own sake, Knowledge that is accurate, Knowledge that is interesting, Knowledge of the kind that “the child may recall as a man with profit and pleasure.” How do we know the ideas presented to the child will contain those qualities? The Presenter must provide material that furnishes the child with fruitful ideas.

(from “Curriculum”)

Seaside Cottage School relentlessly pursues books which are unabridged, written in vibrant language, by original authors. Most of these books were were written in the Nineteenth Century to about 1925. About that time, “school books” began to turn into “textbooks,” written by committee, stripped of all beauty, and stuffed full of dry facts and dates. We believe, as Charlotte Mason did, that it is better to know much about a few things than very little about many things. The “inch deep but a mile wide” curriculum does not inspire a person to pursue a deeper study of some aspect of it — as no relationship can be formed by so rapid an introduction.

Forming a relationship with a person from the past, or an idea in the present, or a beautiful sonata, or a landscape painted in the Dutch countryside, or a robin’s wing inspires a child to pursue these things outside of the classroom. He seeks out a deeper understanding or maybe just mulls them around in his head as he walks or rides. Beautiful ideas fill his head day and night.

Constantly reading and searching out the very best books and materials for such a goal is an arduous task, but we are obsessed with it. We have seen the results and there is no going back to the ordinary.

More on Narration in the page titled “Distinctives” under the Charlotte Mason Menu.